Color trends 2019 that will trend 2019

Color trends 2019

Color trends 2019 that will trend 2019

During the last edition of the International Fashion Week, held in New York City in September of this year, the Pantone Institute, the world’s most respected authority on the issue of color standardization, revealed the colors that will dominate the main Fashion trends for spring. /color trends 2019

In the present article we present a selection with the six most relevant chromatic protagonists of that list, together with their own numerical codes, with which you can easily identify yourself in any online search of fashionable colors.

Color trends 2019

In this way, instead, you will see how you are going to start.

1- Rose quartz (# F7CAC9)

The softness of this color conveys tenderness and tranquility from the first edition, connecting with the tranquility that is breathed in nature when it crosses seasons characterized by its calm, like spring.

2- Yellow Buttercup (# F4A817)

Within the colors of fashion, this is a tone full of energy and vitality, this particular yellow seeks to establish a metaphor with the sun that we wake up every day with the strength and courage of the bed.

3- Blue Serenity (# 91A8DO)

Alluding literally to the serenity that transmits its name, this type of blue sky seeks to provide feelings of relaxation to the attire, and at the same time to its versatility to establish multiple combinations, either with roses, oranges, dark blues (in a clear search) deep) or even some yellows.

4- Gray Lilac (# 9896A4)

The range of colors will be vibrant and full of life.
Positioned clearly as the neutrality bet on the entire palette, this characteristic gray color with a discrete tone is illuminated as an option that can resolve more basic aspects for the most elegant.

5- Green flash (# 79C753)

This green comes to establish, with all the power of its brightness, the tonal balance that is needed when it comes to the new chromatic parameters related to fashion.

6- Party (# DD4132)

This emotional red, alive and cheerful is also marked by its power of action, a difference in most of the colors of the palette, which is reflected in the most reflective states of consciousness. It is also important to highlight the high levels of flexibility it has in its combinations, the use of a style that adapts to the occasion required, from something very retro, to a very feminine position, and even to a purely classical proposal. color trends 2019